The Restoration Chronicles of 6424


I purchased this engine from Lee Wyman, Norwood, MN. It is a 30 HP Minneapolis built in 1910. It is a rather rare engine in that only about three 30 Horse Minneapolis engines are still around.


I will attempt to provide a chronicle of the restoration on this page, updating the page as the restoration process continues.



Work Completed

December 17, 2005

I knew when I purchased the engine, a number of items needed tending too. First on my list was to get a new cross head pin made. In order for the machinist to get a proper fit, he requested that I bring the cross head along with the pin. So Brian Patterson and I removed the cross head. We decided to remove the piston as long as we had it apart and inspect the cylinder, pistons and rings. Everything looked good. Also found a mouse nest.

Description: DSC00498

Description: DSC00489

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